How to Get Rid of Green Flies

Green Flies

Greenflies are part of a species of insects called aphids. Aphids enjoy feeding on sap from plants and produce honeydew, which encourages fungus growth and attracts other insects as well as other problems. They are considered one of the biggest and most common pests in gardens, so controlling their population is necessary.

Recognizing them is crucial to address the correct measures. Greenflies, contrary to their name, aren’t always green. The most common species around can be brown, yellow, or even pink. They measure approximately 1 to 3 millimeters and have a tear-shaped body. While the species have wings, not all of them can fly.

The most natural way to get rid of greenflies is by using natural predators to control their population. Encouraging their natural predators to hang around your garden with a variety of other plants and flowers will add to your garden while helping the plant’s health at the same time. Some of their natural predators are birds like Blue Tits or Coal Tits. Some insects like ladybirds are also a great option to get rid of them. If you require extra care for the plants, spray them with warm water mixed with some soap.