How to Get Rid of Flying Termites with Natural Home Remedies


The presence of flying termites at home is not a good sign as it indicates the termites are on the lookout for a new colony. Here are our top suggestions for preventing your home from becoming the termite’s new breeding ground.

1. Block Lights with Heavy-Duty Curtains

Like most insects, flying termites are attracted to sources of light. Stop attracting more termites to your home by covering all windows with heavy-duty blackout curtains. You should also turn off any unnecessary lights in the evening.

2. Electrocute Termites with Bug Zapper

If the flying termites have already infiltrated your home then place an indoor bug zapper in a dark corner of the room. The bug zapper will attract the flying termites via the brightness and warmth of the UV light bulbs and kill them when they come into contact with the electrical grid.

3. Use a Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is an effective way of dealing with flying termite swarms. Fill the tank of a wet-dry vacuum with soapy water then start sucking the flying termites in. The vacuum cleaner will also come in handy when you have to clear out the fallen insect wings. The purpose of the soapy water is to drown them as soon as they get sucked in.

The vacuum cleaner may also come handy for getting rid of other flying pests like June bugs and Japanese beetles.

4. Block Entry Points

Comb through your home and identify all potential entry points for flying termites. Block these entry points with the necessary material. For example, if termites are entering underneath the door then you could install a weatherproof seal around it.

If there are more than just a few flying termites lingering around at home then we highly recommend you contact professionals for an inspection as termites can deal long-term structural damages if they aren’t controlled within an appropriate duration.

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