How to Get Rid of Flying Ants Fast Using Natural Home Remedies


Yes, there are ants that fly. They aren’t necessarily a different species of ants. They are simply at a stage where they are mating and relocating the colony. Flying ants can appear in swarms so they can become a huge nuisance to homeowners. Here are our top suggestions for getting rid of flying ants.

1. Block out All the Entry Points

Flying ants usually go away after a few days. Reduce the possibility of a flying ant swarm getting into your house by blocking out all possible entry points including the gaps along the windows and doors. These gaps can typically be fixed with weather stripping. It may also help to add covers along air vents. Blocking up these entry points will also ground-dwelling ants from getting into the house.

2. Place Glue Traps Around the House

Cleaning up the flying ant mess will be slightly easier if you have some glue traps set up around the house. We suggest sticking the traps along the window and other areas of the house where the flying ants are likely to buzz around if they make their way into your house.

3. Use a Wet-Dry Vacuum

One of the most time-efficient ways of handling flying ants is by using a wet-dry vacuum. Fill the wet-dry vacuum tank with some soapy water then use the vacuum to start sucking away. The purpose of the soapy water is to eliminate the flying ants so it’s easier for you to discard the content once you are done.

4. Block Out the Lights

Flying ants could be attracted to sources of light so try to make your house a less attractive target by blocking out or turning off unnecessary lights. For example, turn off outdoor light fixtures in the yard or driveway as flying ant season gets closer. For indoor lights, we suggest closing the curtains to minimize the light leak from inside. Flying ants are likely to go elsewhere in this case.