How to Get Rid of Fleas in the House Fast Using Home Remedies

You are here because a flea infestation is causing all sorts of trouble to you and your pets. Here are some home remedies that may help get rid of fleas permanently.

Start with the source

You need to understand where the fleas are coming from if you want to be able to get rid of them permanently. The primary culprit would be your dog or cat. There are many ways for fleas to find and latch onto their hosts.

Pets playing in grassy areas

Your pet may have gotten infested with fleas after playing or running around in a grassy or bushy area. Foliage offers a great spot for fleas to hide as it offers shade, humidity, and moisture.

Transferred from other pets

Fleas may have made their way into your house from other pets. This is all the more likely if your dog or cat has regular contact with other pets, whether that be in in a park, during a daily walk, or during a play date.

Hiding in your clothes

Pets aren’t always to blame for a flea infestation. Some fleas may have made their way into your home after latching onto your clothes or shoes. This could have happened after you spent some time outdoors.

Home remedies for getting rid of fleas

Apply flea treatment on your pets

The first step starts with making sure your pets are getting an appropriate flea control program. Pets that spend a lot of time outdoors may need prescription medication to kill off any fleas that are already taking shelter in their skin or fur. Consult with the vet and discuss what would treatment your dog or outdoor cat may potentially need.

Wash and comb your pet

Next, give your dog or cat a good rinse then use a flea comb to pick off as many fleas as you can from their body. Dawn dish soap (the original blue version) could serve as a temporary alternative if you don’t have any flea and tick shampoo at home. Dawn dish soap is safe to use as a shampoo on most pets as long as it’s a one-off.

Wash and dry at high temperature

Your job isn’t done once your pet is squeaky clean. Fleas and, more importantly, their eggs are likely to hiding in the surrounding environment. Grab all the fabric-based materials your pet comes into contact with. This could include fabric toys and pet bedding materials. Wash and dry them at the highest temperature the fabric can handle. Make sure to also include the fabric materials on your furniture, such as the pillow and sofa cover.

Steam and vacuum the carpet

The carpets and rugs offer an excellent place for fleas to hide. Adult fleas may also lay eggs in the carpet or some of the flea eggs may fall on the carpet as your pet moves around. All life stages of a flea, including the egg and larvae, will die if they get exposed to a temperature of at least 38 degrees Celsius. In addition to the carpet, steam and clean any other furniture that is likely to harbor fleas, such as the sofa, mattress, and bedside cabinets.

Dust the carpet with diatomaceous earth

One additional step that may help get rid of fleas on carpet floors is by dusting a thin layer of food-grade diatomaceous earth. This natural powder is effective at getting rid of fleas. It acts as a desiccant and kills the fleas by drying them out. Food-grade diatomaceous earth isn’t toxic to pets but you should make they are unable to sniff or ingest the powder while it is applied in flea hotspots.

Frequently asked questions

Can fleas live on humans?

It’s very unlikely for fleas to live on humans. The human skin is too exposed. It doesn’t offer the same level of shelter and comfort as a pet’s fur. It’s also unlikely for fleas to live in human hair. Fleas may feed on human blood but they will usually seek out your dog or cat as their preferred host.

What can I spray on my bed for fleas?

Certain flea control sprays, such as the Adams flea and tick home spray could be used on the bed as long as you follow the safety instructions outlined in the product label. To be on the safe side, you and your pet should stay clear of any beds and mattresses that have been sprayed with flea control spray for at least eight hours before lying on them.

Homemade flea control sprays that are made of ingredients like apple cider vinegar or lemon juice don’t tend to be strong enough to kill off any fleas that have infested your bed.

Can you get rid of flea infestations on your own?

Small flea infestations can usually be handled by yourself as long as your are persistent with your cleaning efforts. The sooner you identify the flea problem, the faster it will be to get rid of them. Severe flea infestations, on the other hand, may require professional help.


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