Home Remedies for Getting Rid of European Hornets

European Hornets

European hornets live in large nests; it is not hard to find a group of hundreds or thousands in one. A European hornet nest near your house is a potential risk since they can bite, which is why they are considered pests.

Honeydew gel bait is an effective approach to getting rid of this hornet. It is safe for your plants and does not react with your skin. The solution is applied to the barks of the trees around the nest.

The European hornet will ingest the gel as it tries to eat tree sap. The gel starts its work once it is digested. The result is a dangerous chemical excreted along with droppings. This chemical kills the occupants in the nest.

There are non-repellent sprays you can use to kill hornets. Most work three to four days after coming into contact with the insect. These sprays have a mild smell, but nothing likely to alert hornets of an intrusion. These remedies are known to kill entire colonies of European hornets in a few days.