How to Get Rid of Dermestid Beetles Fast Using Home Remedies

Dermestid beetles are also known as carpet beetles. They attack carpets, upholstery, furniture, and clothing.

First, identify their source. The adults are mobile, and the larvae are immobile but fatal. Larvae feed on organic materials so that they’ll destroy your silk, leather, and wool. Adult carpet beetles feed on animal carcasses. Check out for dead mice, birds, or other small animals.

Signs of damage indicate that the beetles are around. Check all the dark and hidden areas. Look out for signs such as brown fecal pellets, shed larvae skin, adult beetles, and larvae.

Vacuum the entire house. Pay attention to the source of the infestation. Do not assume the bugs are gone; do follow-up vacuuming every week. If the infestation was widespread, you might need to vacuum more days a week. Clean the carpets according to manufacturer instructions.

Throw destroyed clothes and fabric into an outdoor trash can. Wash the remaining garments under high temperatures even when they don’t show signs of carpet beetles. Look for an outdoor nest and employ the correct eradication measures. Hang sticky fly strips outside windows to trap adult beetles. Sprinkle boric acid where you discover dermestid beetles.