How to Get Rid of Dandelions Fast Using Home Remedies

Here are our top suggestions for getting rid of dandelions if your lawn or garden space is overrun with weeds. Dandelions can pose a threat by taking away valuable nutrients and water from your garden plants and lawn grass.

1. Uses a Stand-up Weed Removal Tool

Stand up weed removal tools will help you get rid of the dandelions without breaking your back. The Radius Garden Weeder is a popular choice among gardeners. You just place the weeder above the center of weed, press down, and pull it up to get rid of the dandelion. The weeder can also be used to get rid of other unwanted plants in the yard like invasive grass and trumpet vines.

2. Fill Dandelion Spots with Grass Seed

Once you have pulled up all the dandelions, fill up the empty lawn patches with grass seed. You don’t want new dandelions to grow in the same spot.

3. Keep Your Lawn Healthy and Dense

Make it difficult for dandelions seeds to germinate and grow by keeping your lawn dense and healthy. During dandelion season, set the lawn mower’s cutting height to the maximum available so that the taller lawn grass can smother out the dandelion seedlings.

4. Mow Existing Dandelions before They Mature

If you aren’t able to pull out all the dandelions in one go then mow them down until you are able to do so. This will prevent them from maturing and spreading more dandelion seedlings. We suggest you wear a proper mask while you are mowing to prevent debris from getting into your mouth and nose.

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