How to Get Rid of Creeping Charlies Fast Using Home Remedies

Creeping Charlie is an invasive weed that can take away valuable nutrients and water from your garden plants. Use these remedies to get rid of the garden weed.

1. Pull the Weeds Out from the Ground

Don’t strain your back. Use a stand-up weeder, such as the TACKLIFE weeder, to pull out the entire plant. This works best if you are only dealing with a few weeds in the lawn.

2. Use the Soil Solarization Process

If the lawn is covered end-to-end with creeping Charlie weeds then you may need to employ the soil solarization method. This method uses the heat from the sun to kill the weeds. Cover the weed-invaded area with plastic wrap. Make sure the wrap is firmly rooted to the ground by burying the sides in mini trenches. Leave the weed control fabric on for a few weeks. The creeping Charlie will eventually die due to the heat that gets trapped underneath the plastic wrap.

3. Apply Weed Preventer to the Lawn

Weed preventers, such as the Espoma Weed Preventer, contain natural ingredients such as corn gluten meal. It can prevent creeping Charlie (and other garden weeds) from spreading by reducing the seed germination process.