How to Get Rid of Crane Fly Larvae in your Lawn

Crane Flies

Crane flies can wreak havoc on your lawn. The tiny pests survive on all types of plants. Crane flies love lawns since they offer a great environment for their survival.

Nematodes are a great solution for getting rid of these critters. They are safe and available in agro-pharmacies. Nematodes feed on bugs and larvae. They also help improve the health of your plants through soil aeration.

Nematodes are available as sprays solutions, mixes, and ready-to use-units. Beneficial nematodes are better than general nematodes. Use the nematode solution in the fall to reduce crane fly larvae infestation in the spring.

Another approach is to keep your lawn healthy and clean. Crane-fly larvae destroy weak plants only. You will notice small levels of damage when there are less than 50 larvae per square foot. Use the right fertilizers and water the lawn frequently. Healthy plants will thrive even as the larvae feed on the roots.

Mow your lawn as tall grass attracts adult crane flies. Additionally, prune the trees and shrubs near the lawn as they add foliage to your compound, which makes them ideal breeding grounds for these flies.