How to Get Rid of Crane Flies

Crane Fly

The first step to getting rid of any bug, such as the crane fly, is identifying the threat. Crane flies are similar to mosquitos but, but their size is over an inch, and they are long and skinny. Their wings have an angle towards their sides instead of their back, and they have no mouth since they don’t need to feed. Adults only live for a few days at best and are harmless, though the females will lay eggs on moist soil when they have a chance.

First, look for the spot where they seem to be nesting. The crane flies tend to lay their eggs on damp soil under grass or other plants, and if you find some near the area, it’s likely to be the spot. Killing just the crane fly adults isn’t helpful, as they most likely already have laid the eggs, and they will hatch regardless. Instead, try killing the larvae.

The best and safest way to address such problem is using nature itself against them. By encouraging their natural predators, like birds, to stay near the area, their population won’t grow. Though if the infestation is bad enough, applying some beneficial nematodes on the soil will help eliminate the problem faster if needed.