How to Get Rid of Cluster Flies Fast With Home Remedies

Cluster flies, often mistaken for regular house flies or fruit flies, look and behave differently. They are slightly bigger than other common household flies and have golden bits of hair growing on their back.

Though cluster flies might invade your house looking for food, their main goal is to shelter themselves during winter in a warm place. If you live near an area where they are abundant in the environment when the season starts changing and starts getting colder, these flies will cluster in the nearest spot they can find to wait for the colder season to pass. And that means they will more than likely invade your house for warmth.

The best way to avoid them is by preventing them from getting inside before the season shifts. Sealing up any gaps and cracks that may lead inside your home can have a significant impact in avoiding these bugs.

If some of these flies find their way inside, don’t worry. They are slow and don’t reproduce inside your home, so dealing with them isn’t hard. Vacuum them up or swap them away. Apple cider and vinegar traps also work exceptionally well.