How to Get Rid of Chiggers Using Natural Home Remedies


Chiggers are an absolutely nightmare to deal with. Their bites lead to the development of hives and red bumps on the skin that can take a week or two to heal. Here are our top suggestions for getting rid of chiggers quickly using home remedies.

1. Wash and Dry All Outdoor Clothes

Wash and dry all the clothes that you wore while you were outdoors. Do this at the hottest temperature the fabric can handle without being damaged. This will eliminate any chiggers that are lingering on your clothes.

2. Repel the Chiggers with Sulfur

Sulfur is a well-known repellent for mites like chiggers. To provide you extra protection whenever you go outside, we suggest patting some sulfur powder on your shoes and socks. Sulfur can keep the chigger away by disrupting their metabolism. You could also sprinkle sulfur on infested yards, although keep in mind that doing so could lower soil pH.

3. Cut Down Tall Grass and Bushes

If there is any risk of your backyard becoming a chigger hotspot then be sure to mow the grass ahead of time. Tall grass and bushes can provide perfect shelter for chiggers. Pay special attention to the yard perimeter where the lawn grass could be in the vicinity of a wooded area.

If you already have chigger bites on your skin then here are a couple of suggestions on treating them. They can happen anywhere on your body but are most likely to be found below the waist.

Take a Shower Immediately

You should be taking a nice, hot shower the moment you realize you have chigger bites on your body. Make sure to give your body a proper scrub with soap and water to wash off any chiggers that may still be on you.

Reduce the Itches with Cool Compresses

You may have come across other articles on treating chigger bites where they mention using home remedies like using nail polish. This is largely a myth as such remedies are based on the thought that chiggers dig into your skin.

What actually happens is that a chigger will inject digestive enzymes into your skin which causes ruptures among affected skin cells. A cool compress using an ice-wrapped towel for example is a good way to reduce the itchiness.

Like other parasitic pests like fleas and bed bugs, it’s important to treat a chigger infestation right away. Not doing so may make it very difficult to get rid of these pests, even with professional help.

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