How to Get Rid of Carpenter Bees Using Natural Home Remedies


Carpenter bees are one species of bees you probably don’t want to have in or around your home due to the structural damage they can cause, especially for homes that have been constructed with wood-based material. Here are our top suggestions for getting rid of carpenter bees using natural home remedies.

1. Create Your Own Carpenter Bee Traps

To create the trap, you will need to hit the local hardware store for some materials and equipment. For full instructions on creating the trap, we suggest viewing this excellent article from WikiHow. Carpenter bees that are looking for a nesting site will enter the holes in the wooden box and eventually fall into the plastic bottle or jar with nowhere to escape.

2. Paint Untreated Wooden Surfaces

Carpenter bees are unlikely to touch unfinished wood surfaces so painting these areas may prevent carpenter bees from drilling holes in them. Stain could be used as well but is not viewed as effective as oil or latex paint. While you are painting, we also suggest remove any parts of the wood surface that’s rotting. This makes prime material for a carpenter bee’s nest.

Carpenter bees aren’t the only insects that may cause long-term structural damages to your house. These steps could also be helpful for getting rid of carpenter ant infestations, which can be equally as destructive.

3. Stuff Existing Holes with Steel Wool

Before the carpenter bees emerge again the spring and summer season, you should do a thorough examination of your house and fill abandoned holes with steel wool. This will deter the bees from using the holes again. We suggest adding a bit of caulk at the end then to have the filled hole painted over for added measure.

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