How to Get Rid of Brown Recluse Spiders Fast Using Home Remedies

Brown recluse spiders are typically found in the southern regions of the United States including Louisiana, Texas, and Florida. Here are the best ways to deal with a brown recluse spider invasion in your house or apartment.

1. Set up Multiple Sticky Traps

The easiest way to capture brown recluse spiders from a safe distance is to set up multiple traps inside your house or apartment. We suggest spider traps such as the Catchmaster trap. This specific trap comes in a large pack and is recommended by researchers at Kansas University.

You may need to experiment with placing the spider traps in different locations before you successfully capture the brown recluse spiders in the house. We suggest placing the traps in locations such as the water heater room, the area behind the toilet or bathroom sink, and the spaces underneath the bed.

Spider glue traps are also useful in the sense that they help you identify the pests in the house. Brown recluse spiders can be often mistaken for other similar spiders. You can easily observe a spider that gets trapped in the glue and verify whether it displays the characteristics of a brown recluse spider.

2. Apply Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth

Food-grade diatomaceous earth is a much safer spider control alternative to traditional pesticide sprays. Any brown recluse spiders that accidentally walk into a pile of diatomaceous earth powder will eventually die due to the abrasive effect the powder has on the spider’s exoskeleton.

For this method, we suggest sprinkling a light layer of food-grade diatomaceous earth powder where the brown recluse spiders are likely to hide such as the gaps along the wall, the spaces underneath the kitchen cabinets, and the inner spaces of the bedroom closets. Make sure you replace the powder every few days as it will become ineffective in damp conditions.

3. Remove the Spider’s Food Source

You can win the bulk of the household pest battle by eliminating the things that are attracting the brown recluse spiders in the first place.

Typically, household pests look for three things: shelter, food, and water. Brown recluse spiders are predators that enjoy feasting on soft-bodied insects like roaches, flies, ants, and moths. The brown recluse spiders will eventually disappear and set up shop elsewhere if there is no longer a regular supply of food in your house.

4. Reduce Indoor Humidity Levels

Brown recluse spiders prefer to nest or build webs in cooler, more humid spaces. Live in a fairly humid area? You can make your house a less attractive space for the spiders by reducing the indoor humidity level with a dehumidifier. Make sure you run the dehumidifier next to spaces where the brown recluse spiders are likely to hide, such as the bedroom closets and bathroom storage spaces.

5. Eliminate the External Gaps and Openings

Make it as difficult as possible for the brown recluse spiders to enter your house by blocking all gaps and openings along the wall and exteriors. Brown recluse spiders are small enough to fit through tiny gaps along the wall. You should block these gaps with the appropriate material (such as caulk). The gaps around the windows and doors can be covered with weather-stripping seal.

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