Quick & Easy Ways to Get Rid of Boxelder Bugs

Boxelder Bugs

Boxelder bugs are relatively harmless but they should be removed as quickly as possible as their feces can leave stains on light-colored surfaces and they can also leave a foul odor when smashed. Here are the simple remedies we suggest to get rid of these bugs inside the house.

Where are the Boxelder Bugs?

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Beetle Traps

Catch Them with Beetle Traps

Set up these Bag-a-Bug beetle traps along the perimeter of the house. Each trap contains a lure that attracts the boxelder bugs inside the bag and traps them. This product also works well for other annoying bugs such as Japanese beetles. You will need a few refill bags to make sure this trap lasts the whole pest season.

Vacuum Catching Bug

Clear the Bugs Up with a Vacuum

If you are dealing with a fairly large boxelder bug infestation then an industrial vacuum might be what's just needed to clear them away. There are a couple of approaches you can take when using a vacuum. One method is to tightly secure a stocking along the opening of the vacuum hose to catch the bugs and prevent them from getting sucked into the canister. Another method is to use a wet-dry shop vac. Fill the tank with soapy water to immediately drown any boxelder bugs that get caught.

Hose the Bugs with Water

Drown the Boxelder Bugs with a Hose

It could be as simple as using a strong stream of water to wash the boxelder bugs away. If they have congregated along the exterior walls of the house then just wash them away with a garden hose. The stream of water will be enough to kill the younger bugs. You could also try spraying them with soapy water to boost the effectiveness of this method.

Caulking Gaps on Wall

Caulk & Seal Gaps

Boxelder bugs typically make their way inside homes through windows, doors, vents, and any cracks and holes along the exterior of the house. Identify all potential openings along the house and find a way to block them, at least during the peak pest season. For example, you can add weatherstrips along the side of doors and windows (which also helps with insulation by the way). You can install tiny-gap meshes on vent openings to prevent bugs from going through.

Clear Away Debris

Clear Away Outdoor Hiding Spots

Comb through the yard and lawn space and remove any objects or debris that may provide a hiding spot for the boxelder bugs. This may include stacks of dead wood, rock piles, and overgrown shrubs.

Common Questions About Boxelder Bugs

What are Boxelder Bugs Attracted to?

You can prevent boxelder bugs from swarming your home by preventing them in the first place. There are a number of things that may attract boxelder bugs to your home. For example, these bugs have a natural tendency to be attracted to certain types of trees such as the maple tree. They are also attracted to places that offer an ample amount of hiding space and shelter for the coming winter season.

How Long Do Boxelder Bugs Live?

Boxelder bugs can live for a few days. Fortunately, they aren’t known for infesting food and damaging property like other types of household pests. They are mostly a nuisance pest that have a tendency to swarm inside houses with gaps. Using any of the above bug control methods should do the trick.

Does Anything Eat Boxelder Bugs?

While it does take time to do this, making your home an attractive place for natural boxelder bug predators will help a lot in keeping the local pest population in check. For example, you can set up bird feeders or bird baths in the yard or patio to encourage birds to visit your yard often. Unless necessary, you should also leave spiders alone as their webs will do an excellent job of catching the boxelder bugs.