4 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Boxelder Bugs in the House

Diatomaceous Earth Boxelder Bugs

Having trouble with a boxelder bug infestation? Try these four home remedies to get rid of these common pests. Boxelder bugs are commonly seen during the fall month when they enter homes to seek shelter for the winter months.

How to Get Rid of Boxelder Bugs

Diatomaceous Earth Boxelder Bugs

1. Apply Diatomaceous Earth Powder
Get food-grade diatomaceous earth and sprinkle the powder into areas where boxelder bugs frequently gather, such as wall cracks and crevices.

Diatomaceous earth feels like sandpaper to most insects. It will scrape against their exoskeleton and cause them to dehydrate and die.

2. Spray with Soapy Water
This works well if you are dealing with a small boxelder bug infestation. Mix a few drops of dish soap with water. Pour the soapy solution into a spray bottle then start firing away.

The soapy solution will suffocate and kill the bug by clogging the part of the body (the spiracle) where they take in oxygen.

Boxelder Bugs Shop Vac

3. Use a Shop Vac
This is a quick and effective method for people dealing with large infestations at home. Add a few inches of soapy water to the bottom of the shop vac then start sucking the bugs in. You won’t need to use insecticide since the bugs will drown in the soapy water.

4. Seal up the House
By now, you should have an idea of where the boxelder bugs are entering from. They could be entering from windows, doors, or holes in the drywall. Install weather-stripping on all doors and windows. Caulk all holes, cracks, and crevices on the exterior walls.

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