Safe Ways to Get Rid of Black Widow Spiders

Black Widow

The first step to getting rid of black widow spiders is identifying them. Black widows are arachnids with a distinct shiny black coloring and a red marking on their abdomen in an hourglass shape, though it can sometimes vary into a dotted shape. Female black widows will reach up to 1.5 inches, and males half the size. The females’ bites are extremely dangerous, but equal care for both is advisable. They are nocturnal creatures, so finding their web during the day can almost guarantee you’ll find one in that spot later at night.

When dealing with spiders, especially dangerous ones like black widows, it’s essential to protect yourself when dealing with them. Wear gloves, long sleeve shirts, pants, and never go barefoot.

When identified and localized, vacuum up them and all the webs you can find along with their egg sacks. After taking care of every visible threat, move around furniture and any clutter in the room, clean everything up and organize the space to eliminate any hiding spots. Then get rid of excess moisture in the house like leaks and deal with other insects in the area used as a food source.