Quick Ways to Get Rid of Bird Mites on Pet Birds


There are several ways to get rid of bird mites on pets through heavy chemical means, but they can also be dealt with naturally. The first step is to identify them. Bird mites and pretty much invisible to the naked eye unless they have already reached an infestation level, making it difficult to distinguish them from other pests.

If your bird looks irritated and itchy, check the feathers around its body and look for tiny bugs on it. If you do find some, try giving the bird a thorough bath, and rub some food-grade diatomaceous earth on it after the feathers are dry.

After taking care of the bird, take the entire cage apart and clean every crevice and crack, as these pests are extremely small and will hide in any place they can fit on it. Use hot water and disinfectants and some vinegar to clean everything, and check back regularly for cleanup for a couple of weeks until the problem is completely gone.

When the bird and cage are all good, clean the remaining area by vacuuming up and spread some diatomaceous earth around the cage.