How to Get Rid of Barn Swallows Safely


Barn swallows are bird pests that can damage buildings, feed on your animals’ food, and carry diseases. They are unwelcome by homeowners and especially farmers, as they can rapidly create a mess if allowed to nestle in the area.

Getting rid of barn swallows is not straightforward, as federal laws protect them, like not allowing people to take down a nest unless it’s completely empty. If they have already nested in, you’ll have to wait until they flock out of the region to wash their nests and clean up the mess safely. Prevention is the safest method to get rid of them, as they will nestle in another area if they can’t find a spot in your home. Here are some tips to help you prevent these bird pests:

1. Reflective surfaces. There are several ways around a DYI reflective surface, like old CDs or DVDs.

2. Visual Deterrents. Scarecrows or kites shaped like their predators are great ways to avoid them, like eagles or owls.

3. Audio Deterrents. Audio recordings of their natural predators will make them avoid the area.

4. Nets and Slopes. Making a barrier to places where they nest and rest will make them go away.