How to Get Rid of Bamboos Fast Using Home Remedies

Bamboos are invasive plants that should be dealt with as soon as they appear in your backyard. Here are our top suggestions for getting rid of bamboos in the yard with natural home remedies.

1. Dig Out the Bamboo Rhizomes

The bamboos will keep growing until you get rid of all the roots and rhizomes in the soil. The bamboo rhizomes usually stay fairly shallow so you should be able to easily spot and get rid of them after a tiny bit of digging. Digging will take a lot of manual work so make sure you get a shovel with an ergonomic handle to make life easier.

2. Set up a Rhizome Barrier

Is the bamboo spreading from your neighbor’s yard? One way to deal with this is to build a rhizome barrier. First, dig a trench that’s a few inches shallower than the width of the rhizome barrier. Next, place the barrier around the trench and fill it up again until its compact. Instead of spreading underground, the bamboo rhizomes will try and spread over the barrier. This makes it much easier for you to spot and prevent a bamboo invasion.

3. Exhaust the Rhizome Energy

You can kill bamboos by exhausting the energy stored in the rhizomes. Cut down as many bamboo shoots as you can then apply water to the area. Wait for the new crop of bamboos to grow and repeat the cutting and watering process. The rhizomes will eventually not have enough energy to send up new shoots.

None of the above works? You may also try out some of the remedies we suggest for removing tree stumps. Otherwise, contact a professional to handle the bamboo invasion for you.