4 Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Armadillos from the Yard

Armadillo Traps

Are there armadillos digging up mounds and making a mess of your backyard? Try these four remedies to keep them away.

How to Get Rid of Armadillos

1. Wipe Away Their Food Source
The armadillos are most likely digging holes in your lawn in search for food (aka insects and grubs). Remove their food source and they’ll most likely leave. One way to quickly reduce their food source is by applying beneficial nematodes to your garden or lawn soil.

Repel Armadillos with Castor Oil

2. Set up a Cage Trap
Setting up a live cage trap is an effective option for armadillos that have already made your yard a permanent home. Armadillos are nocturnal animals so the traps should be set late in the afternoon and checked on several hours after darkness.

Please be aware that it is illegal to relocate trapped armadillos in Florida and Texas (they are non-native species in those states). You may want to call animal control to take care of that for you. Armadillos are carriers of leprosy so you also want to avoid handling them.

Armadillo Predator Urine

3. Use a Predator Urine Spray
This method is a hit or miss but still worth trying. Armadillos have a keen sense of smell so it may help to spray predator urine around your yard. You can easily purchase fox urine online.

If you are a dog owner then you could also try burying a bag of dog hair or dog poop into the armadillo’s burrow. Same works for cat litter.

4. Set up a Fence
Armadillos will always come and go, especially if you live in a place like Florida. If you have some highly-valued plants in your yard then consider building a fence around them.

According to experts at UF, the fence should be approximately 24 inches above ground and the bottom of the fence should be buried 18 inches below the surface. The fence should also be slanted outwards (40 degree angle).