Quick Ways to Get Rid of Algae in the Garden Pond

Algae Pond

When dealing with fish ponds, high-quality food will ensure that fish absorb most of it, making algae less likely to grow. Another simple and effective way to deal with Algae is by having more plants in the pond, such as water lilies, water lotus, and anacharis.

They perform an essential role in reducing the amount of sunlight inside the pond, removing a critical necessity for algae, and slowing their growth. Inside a pond, these plants will begin oxygenating the water and absorb most if not all nutrients released by the fish, leaving no nutrients for algae to grow.

Plants must be spread apart so that sunlight is not entirely blocked inside the pond, as fish also benefit from it. Planting your filtering plants around the pond but leaving the center open will guarantee that fish also get the necessary sunlight.

When dealing with a recurring or existing algae problem, using UV light clarifiers is very efficient. Due to UV’s powerful germicidal capability, it can disable and kill even green water algae, making them easily removable by filters.