How to Quickly Get Rid of Ground Squirrels in Your Yard

A lot of people may enjoy looking at squirrels out in the wild running around and collecting nuts, but they can be more than a nuisance when they get into your yard. Squirrels can cause significant damage to your yard, such as to your plants, and even spread various diseases. If you have a squirrel problem in your yard, we suggest you try some of these methods to help eliminate the problem before it gets out of hand.

Top Ground Squirrel Deterrents and Traps

Getting rid of ground squirrels that are in your yard might require you to use traps and other types of deterrents. You may have to use a trap if the squirrels are becoming destructive to your property. While many different types of traps exist for this situation, there are a couple of traps that seem to work much better than others.

Traps for Catching Ground Squirrels

Catch and Release Squirrel Traps

The Rugged Ranch Catch and Release squirrel traps are a great product to use to easily get rid of the ground squirrel issue in your yard. This is a live trap and it allows you to catch up to 25 squirrels within a very short amount of time. With the Catch and Release trap, you will no longer have to worry about harmful bait traps, which can harm other animals in the area.

The Catch and Release squirrel trap allows you to easily catch the squirrels and then take the trap somewhere so you can release the squirrels in another location. This trap is one of the most humane traps out there, which is why it’s such a great product to use. Some other traps will drown the squirrels or harm them, but this trap will catch them in the cage without harm. Another benefit of this cage is that it’s big enough to hold multiple squirrels at once but not too big that it will be hard to carry when it comes time to release the squirrels.

There are a couple of negatives about this product though, with one being that the trap itself claims to come with a basin but there’s no basin with this product. The basin is what you use if you want to actually humanely drown the animal. As stated, this is a catch-and-release trap so even though it implies a basin comes with the product, in reality there’s no basin. The design of the product also might allow very small squirrels to get out of the trap since the holes are fairly big in size.

Tube Squirrel Trap

The Forestry Suppliers Tube Trap squirrel trap is also one of the best products available to get rid of your squirrel problem. This trap is designed in a tube shape which is something squirrels are attracted to because it looks like a toy or a great place to hide. You will get a safety hook with this trap that is made from 21-gauge steel.

One huge benefit of this trap is that the squirrels really do seem to be naturally attracted to it and will get it in without you having to do much work at all. You can just add some peanut butter as the bait and set it anywhere you think the squirrels are active. They will immediately be attracted to both the tube and the peanut butter. This is a trap that will kill the squirrels, but it also will kill other rodents in the area such as rats.

There are a couple cons to this product though, such as it claims you can use it non-baited as well, although non-baited doesn’t work as well. It’s best to bait the trap as mentioned above in order to keep enticing other squirrels. Some people also tend to not like how this trap kills the squirrels instead of just being a catch-and-release trap, but it’s the best way to get rid of squirrels if they are becoming a huge issue in your yard.

Home Remedies for Getting Rid of Ground Squirrels

If you are someone who doesn’t want to buy traps, either due to the cost or the possible risk to the squirrels or other animals, then you might want to use home remedies instead. Home remedies can work just as well as traps and are often non-lethal to the squirrels. Here are a few of the best home remedies you can try right now to get rid of the squirrel problem in your yard.

1.Set Up Motion-Sensor Water Sprinklers

Motion-sensor water sprinklers will not harm the squirrels in any way, but it will scare them. This is an effective method for getting the squirrels away from your yard and it will keep them away from your plants and flowers. If you have flower beds and plants that you definitely want to protect, then purchasing some motion-sensor water sprinklers is one of the easiest solutions.

2. Spray Predator Urine Around the Yard

Predator urine might not sound enticing to you, but it’s even less enticing to the squirrels running around your yard. Foxes and dogs are natural predators of squirrels, so if you spray some urine from either animal around your yard it will keep the squirrels away. You can purchase fox urine from various hunting and sports stores and this is a great option to use around your yard to repel squirrels naturally without harm.

3. Grow Mint Plants in the Yard

One method to get rid of ground squirrels you can do pretty easily is to grow mint plants in your yard. The smell of mint may deter ground squirrels since mint is a very strong smell that squirrels don’t like at all. You can either grow the plants all around your yard or simply grow it near your flower beds and plants to keep them away.

4. Set Up Squirrel Feeders

If there’s little you can do about removing squirrels, set up feeders so their attention gets diverted away from your garden and plants. You can purchase both the feeders and the food relatively cheaply, and it’s a great way to show the squirrels that there are other items they can eat besides your plants.