How Long After Fumigation is it Safe for Pets?


Sometimes it is difficult to get rid of critters even after applying several remedies over and over. The only solution to persistent pests might end up being fumigation. Before fumigation, you need to evacuate every person and pet in the house. However, you will also need to know when it is safe to get your pets back into the house because small animals can be more sensitive to the chemicals used as part of the fumigation process.

When you get your pets back in too early, you may potentially expose them to symptoms like bleeding, tremors, convulsion, passing out, seizure, and breathing difficulties. There are different products that fumigators will use in your house. You will need to aerate your house for at least eight hours after fumigation. Have a technician inspect it before you move back in.

Various fumigation companies advise you to take about 18-24 hours before moving your pets in. However, it is always safer to take longer. Pets will pick, lick and ingest anything. They may end up eating foods that drop onto surfaces and get in contact with the chemicals.

Post-fumigation procedures are vital after a fumigation exercise. The experts use an electronic clearance device to assess the number of toxins that have dissipated from the house. Finally, before moving everyone back in, be sure to give the house a thorough wash over.