How to Handle Fruit Flies that Swarm the Litter Box

Litter Box

A litter box attracts many insects, including fruit flies, causing discomfort to your cats. As a result, your pets stop using the litter box and start littering the house.

Fruit flies could stem from cats’ poop if a cat ingested the eggs. Adults can lay eggs in the litter. Taking long to replace the litter gives the fruit flies a chance to hatch and pupate in there.

Organic matter such as vegetables, grass clippings, corn, etc., in a litter box, attract fruit flies. The flies will also buzz around the litter box in search of moisture. Empty and clean the litter box daily and place it in a ventilated area with low humidity. Place potted plants away from the cat’s litter. Ensure there are no trash cans in sight and screen your patio with a fine mesh.

Thoroughly wash and sanitize the pan at least once a month. Use bleach and water at a ratio of 1:10. Later, Scoop off the fruit flies around the pan. Alternatively, you can place a mixture of apple cider vinegar and soap near the litter box. It traps fruit flies that make their way to the litter box as they follow the sweet smell of vinegar. The liquid soap will trap the flies in the solution.