The Places at Home Where Fruit Flies Like to Hide


Fruit flies can be very sneaky when invading our homes. Though often, a single one can be enough to cause trouble, as these pests can reproduce extremely quickly and cause an infestation before you even realize it.

Fruit flies will come from anywhere within miles, as their sense of smell is strong, and they will detect decaying food from very far. After reaching your home, they will hang around the spot with a reliable food source readily available to them and deposit their eggs in it.

They don’t hide as much as they hang around the food source. Fruit flies will stay on top of the food, eating and depositing their eggs while also resting from flying around for a long time. However, their eggs can be pretty hidden, as they will stay buried within the food until they become maggots and start moving around.

Common places where they can be found are where food is stored in the open, such as countertops. Other areas they’ll hang around are trash bins, on the floor under the counter or stove, near spillage, and dirty dishes. So if you don’t want to find any, keep everything clean.