Do Fruit Flies Carry Dangerous Diseases?


Studies have found that fruit flies can carry and transfer Listeria, E.coli, and Salmonella to surfaces and relocate them to contaminate fresh produce. Researchers compare these flies to unsanitary, common vermin such as cockroaches, rodents, and house flies.

It’s crucial to find where the flies are originating from due to their ability to spread pathogens. Generally, some fruit or rotting food that a fruit fly puts their larvae. The best way to combat infestation is proper and regular cleaning and sanitizing spaces that fruit flies may appear.

Restaurants and markets that buy many fruits and vegetables have to take an extra step, avoiding the purchase of too much produce. As produces that sit too long unused will attract fruit flies, disposing of the product is an excellent way to prevent fruit fly spread.

It is also important to clean all places that may have unwanted exposed food, such as trash cans, areas with rotten food, and food spills. These preventive measures will significantly reduce fruit flies’ chances and make any infestation much easier to spot.