Tips to Keep Fruit Flies Out of Kitchen Compost Bins

Kitchen Compost

Having a compost bin can have several benefits but many drawbacks, such as the foul odor and fruit flies. And while fruit flies don’t directly harm any humans or pets, lacking ways to bite, they are indeed very annoying and a huge nuisance in huge numbers.

Fruit flies can reproduce really fast, and compost bins serve as a perfect food source and a spot for their larvae. It isn’t easy keeping them entirely away, but there are ways to lower their numbers significantly.

The best way to start avoiding fruit flies is to have a proper compost bin. Having one that’s easy to manage and clean can go a long way. It has to be easily sealable and preferably kept somewhere hard to reach for the flies. Regularly emptying it and cleaning it up to get rid of odors will avoid attracting fruit flies, as the rotting organic matter exudes odors they can track from miles away.

Another great way to avoid fruit flies reproducing inside the bin is by having an apple cider vinegar trap mixed with soap as bait set up close to it.