Can Diatomaceous Earth Help Control Flea Infestations?


The answer is a resounding yes. Food-grade diatomaceous earth is one of several natural remedies that can control flea infestations.

Diatomaceous Earth and Fleas

There are several ways food-grade diatomaceous earth can be used to control flea infestations. The natural powder can kill fleas by lacerating and drying out their exoskeleton. It has microscopic sharp edges that can feel like broken shards of glass for fleas and other household pests that come in contact with it.

Sprinkle the Powder on Carpets
Food-grade diatomaceous earth is a great way to control flea infestations on carpets and floors. Pour a generous amount of powder on the infested areas and give it at least a day before you clear the powder away with a vacuum.

You may need to re-apply the powder a few times and try it on different places before you start seeing results. It’s also important to only use the powder on dry areas. Diatomaceous earth becomes useless in damp conditions.

Rub the Powder on Your Pet’s Fur
Food-grade diatomaceous earth can also be used to eradicate fleas on your dogs and cats. The regular method is to sprinkle a thin layer of powder on your pet’s fur. Use your fingers to work the powder into the fur.

You may want to also sprinkle some powder on the pet’s bedding. The food-grade version of the powder is safe for pets as long as they don’t breathe in a huge amount.

Apply the Powder Outdoors
You can also sprinkle the powder in the yard or garden as a preventive measure. Do note, however, that diatomaceous earth doesn’t discriminate so it may also impact other bugs, some of which could be beneficial for the garden ecosystem.

We can’t stress this enough but if you are going to use this method to control flea infestations then make sure you buy the food-grade powder. Pool-grade diatomaceous earth is considered very toxic due to its high crystalline silica content.