Why Are Flies Attracted to Poop and Feces?


We’ve all seen feces attracting several flies, even though it’s puzzling how something as unappealing as that may be enough to attract other creatures to it. The truth is that feces contain several fats and minerals, providing many nutrients house flies require to live. However, that’s not something limited to flies, as even butterflies will get their share of it if the opportunity presents itself.

But not all flies are attracted to feces. Pretty much the only species that enjoy it are the common House flies and Flesh flies. These particularly enjoy the smell and nutrients of rotting or decomposing organic matter, which is a definition for feces. These flies have a powerful sense of smell and will sense it from far away.

Flies don’t use feces or other organic matter only for eating, though. When they are moist and in warm weather, these flies will deposit hundreds of eggs on top of it, turning into a breeding ground for them. When their eggs hatch, the larvae will be already right on top of the food, having all the nutrients they require at their disposal. If you spot a lot of flies in a single place, dispose of their food source.