Flea Dirt Vs Bed Bug Feces: A Comparison

Bed Bug

Fleas mostly target pets. If you see black flakes on your pet’s fur, then that is a sign that you have a full-blown flea infestation. When a flea bites a host, it ingests blood. Flea dirt is made up of flea droppings, which are mostly made of blood. It comes out dark red but appears black when dry. The droppings can at times be found on surfaces such as clothes, furniture and walls. Flea dirt occurs alongside fleas, but sometimes you find the droppings without any indication of the presence of living fleas.

Bed bugs, on the other hand, have humans as their host. Their fecal matter has a bigger mass than fleas’, so they are way easier to locate. The droppings are deep brown when sticky and wet but tend to grow darker as they dry.

You can find them at the edges and corners of your bed. They can also be seen on walls, where they run down in trails as well as on wood and clothing. They soak into fabric very quickly and can only be cleaned through washing since they are generally too tiny and liquid to pick up. To get rid of fleas and bed bugs, you need to first identify where there are congregating and there is no better way to identify this than by looking for the dirts and feces.