Do Flea Bombs Really Work for Apartments and Houses?


Flea bombs or flea foggers are common pest control products used by homeowners who struggle to contain a flea invasion in their homes. Popular brands of flea bombs include Hot Shot, Raid, and Zodiac. In certain situations, flea bombs may prove to be an effective solution to killing the elusive fleas, but one must also take into account the downsides of using this product.

What are Flea Bombs?

Flea bombs (for residential use) typically come in the form of cans that release a fog/mist into the enclosed space. The active ingredient of the mist usually contains some form of insecticide to effectively eliminate the fleas in the surrounding area. Flea bombs are designed to be left alone for a period of time while the mist is being released into the air.

People who use flea bombs should close all door, windows, and other external openings and make sure to leave visible warning signs that indicate a flea bombing is taking in place.

How Effective are Flea Bombs?

The effectiveness of flea bombs depends on a number of factors, such as the size of the enclosed space where the treatment is being applied. The smaller the indoor space, the likelier it is for the mist to reach all hidden or flea-sheltered areas.

It also depends on how well you prepare the treatment area. It’s very important to prevent the mist from leaking outside the treated area by closing all windows and doors. The gap underneath the door should also be blocked with an old towel or blanket.

One component of pest control that many people ignore or forget about is prevention. Flea bombs won’t be effective if you don’t eliminate the source of the problem. In many cases, flea invasions originate from pets like dogs and cats. Flea bombs won’t do much if you don’t eliminate the fleas and flea eggs that have made the pet’s fur their home.

Are Flea Bombs Safe for Dogs and Cats?

No, flea bombs aren’t safe for pets. You have to make sure that everyone (including the animals) are out of the house before the flea bomb starts to spray the mist into the air. Before you let your pets back into the house, you also need to carefully wipe away all the insecticide residue left by the flea bomb mist. Pay extra attention to objects your pets like to lick or touch.

Do Flea Bombs Kill Flea Eggs?

Some flea bombs may contain chemicals that eliminate or inhibit the growth of flea eggs. Flea bombs, however, don’t tend to be the most effective way of eliminating flea eggs as the mist doesn’t always reach the areas of the room or house where the eggs are laid.

How to Flea Bomb a House Safely

Here are some important safety tips if you insist on using a flea bomb in your house. As an alternative to flea bombs, we recommend these flea home remedies that are more natural and safe for people with pets and children at home.

1. Keep Foggers Away from Ignition Source

Accidents can happen if you place the flea bomb can too close to objects that can act as an ignition source, such as power outlets and electrical appliances. Either remove these objects from the room or make sure they are well-covered to eliminate the risks of fire.

2. Set up Warning Signs

You should get approval from everyone in the household before you activate a flea bomb in the house. You don’t want someone, such as a roommate, unknowingly walking into the mist. Some flea bomb products may come with tags that you can easily attach to the doors or windows.

3. Air out the Room

When the treatment is complete, make sure you air out the room as much as possible before you settle back in. Open all doors and windows to ventilate any remaining fumes. You can speed up this process by placing fans (pointing outwards) next to the windows. We recommend giving it at least thirty minutes for the treated area to properly air out.

How Long does it take to Flea Bomb a House?

This will depend on the product and the size of the area you are treating but you can expect it to take at least a few hours for the flea bomb to complete the fogging process. Once the fogging is complete, you should at minimum give it an additional hour to air out the residue.

Flea Prevention Tips

Here are some additional steps you should take after the flea bombing process is complete. Flea bombs on their own own aren’t likely to eliminate all fleas in the house.

1. Wash & Dry all Clothes and Bed Sheets

Fleas can’t survive the heat generated in a dryer machine. Wash all the clothes and bedding materials in the house and run them through the dryer (ideally at the highest heat setting).

2. Flea Prevention Medication for Pets

If your pet is the source of the flea infestation then check in with the vet to determine the most appropriate flea prevention care for your dog or care. You should also invest in a strong flea comb to eliminate existing fleas (and their eggs) from the fur and coating.

3. Vacuum and Steam Clean

First, get a steam cleaner and run it through areas of the home where the fleas are likely to hide, such as the carpet and upholstery furniture. It’s a lot easier to treat these areas with a steam cleaner than with other flea control methods. Next, get in the habit of vacuuming your home regularly if you aren’t already doing so.