Best Pond Netting for Collecting Leaves and Protecting Fishes

Pond Netting

A lot of people underestimate the effort required to maintain ponds in their backyard. Some homeowners will also realize a little too late that any fishes they put in their private pond will also be open to wildlife predators. One product that can prevent these issues is a pond netting.

Top Qualities of a Pond Netting

Pond nettings are fairly simple backyard products but there are a number of aspects you most definitely need to pay attention to in order to get the best value. In our opinion, the top qualities of a pond netting include the coverage area, the installation, and the size of the netting mesh.

Top Recommendations for Pond Netting

Here is a list of top pond netting products we recommend for homeowners who want to be able to maintain their ponds with minimal effort.

AlpineReach Heavy-Duty Net Cover

The heavy-duty net cover by AlpineReach comes in three sizes: 14 x 14 feet, 15 x 20 feet, and 28 x 30 feet. The material used to construct this pond netting will provide ample protection against common pond fish predators like blue heron birds and wild cats. The netting material also has some UV-resistance property, which will reduce the rate at which the netting deteriorates against the full sun.

The netting mesh is also small enough to help collect any small debris and dead leaves that may land on your pond. This is the ideal product for those want to maintain a clean and beautiful pond in the backyard. It can also be used for other water features in the yard including waterfall features.

RYG Koi Pond Netting Kit

This kit is primarily designed for people with koi ponds, but in reality, can also be used for regular ponds and other common outdoor water fixtures. It comes in three dimensions: 15 x 15 feet, 20 by 20 feet, and 25 by 25 feet. The material of the pond netting is light enough to float above the waterline.

A floating pond netting is important as it will prevent your own fishes from getting tangled into the netting mesh. The netting product comes with 12 stakes, which should be enough for small to medium-sized ponds. The size of the mesh is about 3/8 inches.

Atlantic Water Gardens Pond Protector

This pond netting has a different design in that it comes with a netted dome in the middle, which will allow some pond plants to grow underneath the netting without getting obstructed. Like the other two pond netting products, this one also utilizes UV-resistant materials to extend the life of the netting.

This particular pond protector comes in two sizes: 7 by 9 feet, and 9 by 12 feet. It is mainly-designed for small ponds and water features. It will prevent the pond fish from getting eaten but may reduce the aesthetic of the pond due to the dome feature.

Common Questions About Pond Netting

Here are some regular questions we get from people who are about to make a pond netting purchase. It’s important to get one that meets your backyard needs.

Can Herons Get Through Pond Netting?

A pond netting won’t provide 100% protection against herons and other similar birds, but it sure will deter them from trying. Herons need to physically reach the pond in order to catch the fishes. Having a net over the surface of the pond will prevent them from doing so.

How Do I Secure My Pond Netting?

The most important thing is to get the right-sized pond netting. First, we would suggest you to measure the size of the pond to determine how large the coverage needs to be. Next, place the netting over the pond and secure the stakes on either side so that the sheet maintains some tension. The stakes can be installed about one foot apart from each other. Make sure to remove the debris on a regular basis to maintain the overall structure.

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