What Do Fire Ants Like to Eat?

Fire Ant

Fire ants get their name from their coloring, which is red. They can reach up to 1/5 inches and have a very strong mandible with a visible stinger. Their nesting is usually identifiable by a big mound of dirt on the ground that can reach up to 7 inches in height and 24 in diameter. These ants can be extremely territorial and aggressive, so identifying them first is important before trying any fire ant removal methods and avoiding dangerous situations.

Their eating habits consist of several things. When out in nature, they mostly hunt for seeds, other insects, honeydew, or the carcass of other animals. But when near our houses, they are especially attracted to grease and oily food as well as sweets. Another favorite food of fire ants is pet food. If you leave dog or cat food outside, it’s probably going to attract a few fire ants.

Fire ants like to live in open areas under the sun, actively avoiding shading, so a backyard, front lawn, or even an open garden are perfect spots for them to nestle in. If they nestle, it means there’s a food source nearby. Follow them to their source and try to clean it up.