Essential Oil for Fleas – Using it Safely at Home

Essential Oil

In the past couple of years, using natural remedies at home has become a growing trend as people start to become more conscious of the impact that everyday products can have on the environment. When it comes to pest control, one popular “natural” product touted for its pest repelling benefits is essential oil. This is the liquid that’s extracted from many different types of plants.

Can Essential Oil Kill Fleas?

There haven’t been a lot of studies that conclusively links the effects of essential oils on pests like fleas but we do know for a fact that certain types of essential oils, like Cedarwood oil, do contain insect-repelling properties. So, in theory, some but not all essential oils may help repel fleas but its effectiveness largely depends on the application.

In most cases, the primary source of flea infestation would come from household pets like dogs and cats. Even with it being a natural product, pet owners will naturally wonder if the oil is safe to apply on their pets. The answer to the question is no. As a pet owner, you should be concerned with the health hazards associated with essential oils.

There are two important considerations when applying essential oil on pets. The first consideration is whether the type of essential oil is non-toxic for dogs and cats. The second consideration is whether the essential oil is being correctly applied.

In terms of the first consideration, there are actually quite a few popular types of essential oils that are poisonous to pets, such as cinnamon, penny-royal, and peppermint to name a few. Any products containing these oils should be kept far away from the pet’s reach.

In terms of the second consideration, essential oil should never be used in its pure form. It needs to be diluted to a certain dosage before it is applied to your pets. The problem is that it can be difficult to get the correct balance so should you decide to use essential oil to help control your pet’s flea infestation, you should always approach the vet first before proceeding.

Instead of making your own natural flea repellent spray using essential oils, we would also suggest getting a flea control spray from the store so you can eliminate the initial safety concerns. Don’t deviate from the instructions provided with the flea control spray product.

Best Essential Oils for Fleas

If you don’t have any pets at home then you have a bit more flexibility in using essential oils to repel the flea infestation. Here are some types of essential oil we recommend for repelling fleas. Ideally, it should be used in conjunction with other effective flea control remedies.

Diffusing Essential Oils to Repel Fleas

Diffusing the essential oil likely won’t help your case of repelling fleas at home. It is also a big non-no if you have pets at home as it increases the chances of your pet accidentally ingesting a substance that could potentially be very harmful for their health.

The purpose of the diffuser is to spread the aromatic scent of the essential oil, which means the effects of the essential oil may weaken due to the dispersal process. You will likely have greater success using the oil if it is targeted to a more concentrated area.

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