How to Eradicate Broad Mites Quickly

Broad Mites

Broad mites are tiny, and their damage to plants comes in the form of pH or nutrient issues. Growers mistake them with other problems and realize this when it’s too late.

Broad mites grow resistant to pesticides. Many home remedies don’t bear fruits. However, food-grade diatomaceous earth kills the mites. Ensure you don’t inhale the powder when handling it. Mix DE powder with water and spray it over your plants. Concentrate the spray under the leaves where the mites hide. Spraying the base of the stem will stop the mites from crawling back up the plants.

Reapply diatomaceous earth when rain or wind washes it away. Continue with the treatment a few months later since the mite eggs can stay dormant for months. When the broad mites prove to be stubborn, you can alternate the spray treatments with neem oil. However, you should be cautious as it can harm you and your plants.

Neem oil disrupts the broad mites’ feeding habits. It affects growth, reproduction, and metamorphosis. It also repels the mites from the plants. Some growers use heat to kill broad termites. Dunking plants in hot water and overheating the grow space works well. However, take caution as heat can harm your plants. Once you harvest, sterilize the soil using steam. You will kill the mites together with harmful viruses, bacteria, fungi, and weeds.