Best Electronic Ultrasonic Pest Repellers for Mice & Rats

Rodents and pests will come and go. If you want a pest control remedy that’s more permanent than traps then consider installing one of these electronic pest repellers at home to repel rodents like mice and rats.

Best Electronic Pest Repeller

Fiery Youth Pest Repeller
This environmentally-friendly pest repeller can help keep rodents and insects away from the comfort of your home. Each pack comes with six units.

Fiery Youth Repeller

The Positives
Can cover a wide area (up to 1200 square feet). Simple to use. Just plug the unit in and let it do its job.
The Negatives
Might not be as effective against insects.

Happiness Ultrasonic Repeller
This pest repeller uses ultrasonic sound waves to deter and annoy common house rodents.

Happiness Pest Repeller

The Positives
Safe to use for households with small children and pets.
The Negatives
May not bother all types of pests and rodents.
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