Best Cordless & Corded Electric Lawn Plug Aerators

Electric Lawn Aerators

One manual backyard work that can be back-breaking is soil aerating. This process is required in order for the air, nutrients, and water to penetrate the deep plant roots. You can make this process a lot easier with the help of an electric lawn aerator.

Top Recommendation Electric Lawn Aerators

Here is a list of cordless electric lawn aerators we would suggest you include in your shopping list. These devices are known for their ease-of-use and durability.

Sun Joe AJ801E 13 in. 12 Amp Electric Scarifier

The Sun Joe Scarifier comes with a powerful 12-amp motor which will allow you to easily till and aerate the hardest of ground soil. The 13 inch-wide path also means you can get the soil maintenance job in a shorter amount of time.

If you want to maintain the lawn health at a positive state then this device should be considered a must-have. Assembling the device is also pretty straightforward. One downside might be that this device has a fairly small catch bag if you plan to use the dethatching functionality.

GreenWorks 27022 10 Amp Dethatcher

This cordless device has a robust 10-amp motor that will easily handle most backyard soil conditions. The stainless-steel lines will easily carve through the soil and provide the necessary aeration for the garden and lawn to thrive.

The one flaw is the instructions, which some people found confusing when they were assembling the device. For example, one homeowner found out that they had to insert the cord retainer onto the lower handle first before attaching the lower handle to the base of the device.

Earthwise TC70001 Soil Tiller

The Earthwise soil tiller has the small motor of the three recommended devices so far but that doesn’t mean it can’t do a job. The 8.5-amp motor will allow you to easily aerate and till the lawn soil. This device is best-suited for homeowners with small-to-medium-sized lawns.

One additional aspect we like about this electric lawn aerator is the lightweight design, which makes this device flexible and fairly easy to maneuver. The steel tines are designed to cultivate up to eleven inches wide and eight inches deep.

Top Qualities of an Electric Lawn Aerator

There are certain features you need to pay attention to when you shop around for an electric lawn aerator. First, you need to figure out if you want a cordless or corded aerator. Cordless offers a lot more flexibility and are generally better-suited for those who need to an aerate a wider area, whereas corded aerator offers a bit more power but are limited to the length of the powder cord.

In addition to knowing whether you want a cordless or corded lawn aerator, we suggest you also pay attention to the battery support, the soil tilling width and depth, and the storage support.

Common Questions About Lawn Aerators

Here are some regular questions people ask about electric lawn aerators.

Do You Really Need to Aerate Your Lawn?

While it isn’t something you need to do on a frequent basis, soil aeration plays a very important role in allowing the lawn grass and plants to grow and thrive. The idea behind the aeration process is to break down any compacted or clay-heavy soil that can’t be easily penetrated by the plant roots.

What is the Best Way to Aerate the Lawn?

Lawn aeration can be quite labor-intensive so we would suggest getting an electric lawn aerator to do the job for you. Otherwise, those with small gardens can just use the manual method such as using lawn aerator shoes to drill holes into the ground.

When Should I Aerate the Lawn?

The best time to aerate the soil is during the growing season. You want to make sure that the grass can quickly heal and fill in the open gaps after the aeration process is complete. Most likely, the best times to aerate the lawn will be in spring or autumn.

In terms of frequency, it is fine to aerate once or twice a year. Those that have compacted soil in the backyard should considered aerating the ground twice to give the lawn grass the best chance possible to maintain a healthy, lush state.

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