Best Electric Lawn Plug Aerator for the Money Under $150

Here is a list of electric lawn aerators we recommend you add to your shortlist. For under $150, these electric aerators will be value for money. They are efficient and easy to use.

Best Electric Lawn Aerators

Sun Joe Electric Tiller
This electric lawn aerator is great for revitalizing small to medium-sized lawns. It has six steel-angled tines that can cultivate a depth of up to 8 inches of soil.

Sun Joe Soil Tiller

The Positives
Works well in different soil conditions (including clay soil). Dirt can be easily cleaned using compressed air.
The Negatives
The trigger needs to be pressed the whole time while you are working.

Earthwise Soil Tiller
This mean machine comes with a 8.5 amp motor and four steel tines that can pulverize compacted soil. has a maximum cutting depth of 8 inches.

Earthwise Cultivator

The Positives
The motor is strong enough to churn out small rocks in the soil. Handle makes it easy to use.
The Negatives
The light weight of this electric aerator may cause the device to jolt if it hits a large root or rock. Narrow width means not ideal for tilling large gardens.

Black+Decker Cordless Cultivator
This electric soil aerator is suitable for small gardens (can cultivate up to 325 square feet per recharge). Not designed for rocky or heavily-compacted soil.

Black+Decker Aerator

The Positives
Very easy to move around due to it being cordless. Also good for aerating narrow areas such as the side of driveways.
The Negatives
This cultivator should only be used on pre-prepared soil. You will need a different device for aerating or breaking ‘new’ ground.

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