What Happens if You Accidentally Eat Weevils?


Weevils are not poisonous, so ingesting them won’t cause you any particular harm. These insects are, from a scientific standpoint, a source of protein.

Live weevils are a sign that there are no pesticides in your food. Dead weevils in your grains are a sign that there are pesticides. In many parts of the world, people consume insects, knowingly and unknowingly. However, people in the West generally consider most insects as gross.

Weevils are only a concern to food producers. They need to keep the food free from larvae so that they meet healthy food standards. The presence of weevils could mean that food is contaminated. Weevils also change the texture and taste of grains.

You can however reduce the ‘yuck’ factor of weevils in your food. The first step is to separate weevils from grain. If you find picking out the grains tedious, you can soak them in water. The adults will float on water, leaving the grains clean for consumption.

When you cook your beans but can see weevils, you can blend them to mask the ‘yuck’ factor. If the weevils are on flour, you can make cakes out of them. However, there are people who throw away foodstuffs once they spot the tiny pests. There are also a number of home remedies that may help get rid of the weevils in your food.