Why There Are So Many Earwigs in Your House


Earwigs are primarily outside bugs and prefer to keep them that way, though some reasons can lead them inside our homes. The main reason earwigs will get inside our house is for shelter either from rainfall or cold weather.

Their appearance might seem intimidating, but they are harmless. Unlike other bugs, they have no way to bite inside our skin like mosquitoes and lack any sort of poison or venom. They have big pincers used to defend themselves when stressed or agitated, but it won’t cause any significant harm to people. If they use it on a person, the most damage they could do is comparable to maybe a minor paper cut.

Earwigs like damp areas and feed off decaying plant matter in the soil are two things most homes don’t have on the inside, so keeping them out isn’t hard at all. However, if you have high humidity levels inside your house and several potted plants around, they might actually find it desirable to live in it.

Simple care for the potted plants and regularly cleaning up and leaves on the ground can be enough to get rid of the earwigs, though.