Does Water Kill Fleas?

Dog Bath

Yes, water can drown fleas, but this is not recommended. Fleas are bad swimmers, but it can take up to 24hrs for a flea dropped in water to drown. They’re unable to swim but keep themselves afloat due to the wax around their bodies. At this point, they will try to reach the nearest edge to leave the water.

A regular bath may not be able to kill fleas, but a hot one will. Fleas begin to die when dealing with temperatures above 95 ºF (35 ºC) on average. When treating your pets’ fleas, it’s important to clean their bedding with hot water to avoid any hiding fleas making their way back to the pet. This is an excellent solution for beds, sheets, or other places a pet may stay in but not the recommended method to treat fleas when still on the pets.

Prevention is the most effective answer to deal with fleas. Keeping the grass mowed reduces the possibility of fleas hiding in leaves. And if fleas have already found their way to your pet, it’s best to take them to a veterinarian to avoid a recurring problem.