Does Cedarwood Oil Help Kill Fleas?


Yes, cedarwood kills fleas. It is one of the primary additives in many flea repellent sprays. You will need to dilute your cedarwood essential oil and spray it on your pets. Cats are a possible exception here; consult your vet before using ant essential oils on cats as most have been known to induce toxic reactions.

Cedarwood essential oil works by leaching moisture off fleas and bugs. The fleas dry and later die. The oil disrupts pheromones that help to regulate bodily functions in critters.

If cedarwood oil is used at the earlier stages of an insect’s life, the pest simply dissolves and dies right away. Cedarwood also works through emulsification (breaking down the fat particles in a flea).

After using the oil on pets and people, you can spray your whole house with a cedarwood oil-based spray. Use a commercial one or dilute your essential oil with water. This way, you clear out the infestation both on persons and surfaces.

There are indoor and outdoor formulae for the usage of sprays and oils. Ensure you don’t substitute their uses. For DIY flea control applications, use higher concentrations of the oil outdoors.