Do Spiders Eat Ants?


Yes, several species of spiders enjoy ants as a meal. Some add ants as one of their food sources, like the Black Widow, Lynx Spider, or the Jumping spiders, while others have an exclusive diet of ants like the Zodarion Rubidium. The Zodarion Rubidium has a body structure similar to ants on the outside, allowing them to blend into ant groups and sneakily jump into their prey.

Though spiders eat ants, they have a very varied diet that includes several other insects like flies, wasps, and even other spiders. Some of the larger spider species require a different diet, so they prefer bigger prey like rodents, lizards, or even birds.

Spiders vary on the way they hunt, though. Most of them are secluded hunters that live by themselves and prefer sitting in their corner with a web set as a trap. When something gets stuck on the web, it sends a vibration through it that alerts the spider, letting it know it’s lunchtime. Other species prefer directly hunting their prey, stalking them until the perfect moment presents itself, allowing them to jump on top of the prey and getting a sneaky bite to prepare their meal.

This is a good reason why it’s good to keep spiders around at home. They are beneficial insects that can prey on nuisance household pests like ants. Of course, you can’t rely on the spiders alone to get rid of the ants completely but at least you know they are there as your allies.