Do Cockroaches Lay Eggs on Clothes?


Yes, cockroaches lay eggs in clothes.

It can happen if you have wooden dressers for your clothes. It also depends on the areas of the house that the cockroaches have invaded; the bathroom, garage, kitchen, under the sink, and on pantries. Cockroaches like to lay eggs in areas that will absorb their odor. Clothes, cardboards, books, and wood are their favorite spots.

You will find cockroaches in warm and moist areas like kitchens and bathrooms. They also like living in proximity to a food source. Roaches will lay multiple eggs at once inside a capsule-like case called ootheca. Their eggs have different appearances depending on species.

Employ roach eradication measures like sealing off cracks and crevices. Clean up any spilled drinks and foodstuffs as soon as they happen. Ensure you empty the trash cans daily. Tie the bags tightly before you place them outside- it deprives the roaches of a food source.

Do not keep boxes, cartons, empty bags, and newspapers in the house. Declutter your house and only keep the necessary items. Ensure there’s space between boxes when you are storing them.
Vacuuming kills roach eggs, young roaches, and visible adults.

If possible, contact pest control professionals on moving day to ensure you don’t move with cockroach eggs. Have them also inspect your new homes before you move in.