Do Centipedes Eat Ants?


Yes, they do. Centipedes are carnivore insects that will eat several other bugs like moths, spiders, and even pests like cockroaches in addition to ants.

There are several species of centipedes of varying sizes, colors, and leg numbers, but the most commonly found inside homes and lawns are yellow or brown, with a pair of legs on each body segment and long antennae.

While they can be hard to spot due to their primarily nocturnal activity and speed, finding a single one inside your home might just mean a stray one came from your garden and got lost. Though if you regularly find several of them, this could be a sign of a much bigger problem, as they will only live around areas with a reliable food source.

And a reliable food source for them means several ants, spiders, moths, cockroaches, and many other inconvenient bugs. So if you dispose of them, you’ll probably uncover a much bigger problem of several other infestations that were kept under control by them.