Do Bug Zappers Work on Fruit Flies?

Bug Zapper

Yes, bug zappers do work on fruit flies but might not be the most effective way of eliminating them.

Like most insects, fruit flies are attracted to light. When they fly into a zapper, a circuit is completed, and the insects get electrocuted. Modern zappers have a collecting basket, allowing you to dispose of them easily.

Some studies, however, have found that while bug zappers work, they end up attracting the wrong kind of insects. A lot of fruit fly predators, parasitoids, aquatic insects, and a whole range of insects across the taxonomic classes get trapped. The net effect is that there are holes in the food chain, and this disrupts various niches in a specific ecosystem. For example, the aforementioned studies have shown that in some situations, bug zappers eliminate beetles, which are an important dietary ingredient for songbirds. The result is a worrying reduction in the population of songbirds.

Additionally, while zappers are a great remedy, they won’t help you get rid of entire populations of insects. You will also need to set up several zappers in several rooms or outdoors to maximize the chances of trapping the insects. Sodium bicarbonate, apple cider vinegar, and dish soap are some of the more effective, natural solutions that have proven their efficacy.