Do Bed Bug Interceptors Work?

Bed Bug

Yes, bed bug interceptors work. The primary purpose of the device is to check for the presence of bed bugs in your house. They also trap and kill a few bugs in the process.

The device’s principle lies in the fact that a bed bug cannot climb a vertical and slippery surface. When you place the bed or seat post in the moat, bugs slip and get trapped. When using a bed bug interceptor, ensure that the bed is away from the wall and other furniture pieces. Don’t use any beddings that touch the floor.

Since bed bugs are mobile, you can use the interceptor on any furniture you suspect they could hide out around. Place a light layer of talcum powder or diatomaceous earth inside the interceptor. These substances coat the legs of the bed, making it difficult for the bug to climb up the bedpost.

The bed bug interceptor is an excellent method to control a bed bug infestation. It also protects your furniture from harmful chemicals. Interceptors also alert you to the presence of bed bugs in your house, providing for an opportunity to get rid of them early on.