Do Ants Eat Meat?


Yes, ants will eat any kind of food, as they are omnivorous. However, their diet preference may vary from species to species, as some prefer a sugar-based diet instead of protein and meats.

The ants that enjoy eating meats will either actively hunt down prey for their meat or prefer a passive approach by eating other animals’ carcasses depending on the species.

They will eat anything that’s available regardless of the species, so it’s a great idea to keep food stored and safe from them. Leaving food out in the open, crumbs on the floor, or spillage will attract all sorts of ants into your home.

If ants find a food source in your home, they will lead you straight to it with a line of ants going from their nest, making it relatively easy to find a spot you forgot to clean up to get rid of the food. It’s also a great way to spot their nest and deal with them directly.

A great natural way to deal with ants is by spreading food-grade diatomaceous earth around their nest, as this will render them unable to leave it without dying.