Do Ants Bite Humans?

Pavement Ants

Yes, ants will bite humans. They can use their mandibles to pinch our skin, causing a brief discomfort or pain. But they won’t actively hunt or try to bite us, as this is a defensive measure. Though if provoked in significant numbers, especially when close to a nest, they will bite to defend the nest and themselves.

In addition to biting, ants can also sting. Though not all ants can sting, it can cause significantly more damage than their bites and even lead to allergies.

Biting and stinging will cause minor damage and irritation to the skin, usually unnoticeable, and requires no treatment. Some ointments can speed up the skin’s healing process, and a cold compress can help alleviate the irritation in cases where needed.

To avoid bites from ants, simply stay away from them and their nests. They won’t bite unless absolutely necessary and rarely will go out of their way to do so.

Some species of ants are hyper-aggressive such as the fire ants that will seek to attack anyone near their nest even if they are not actively threatening it. And bites from these ants are notoriously painful, so be careful.