Using Diatomaceous Earth to Kill Ticks


Diatomaceous earth, specifically the food-grade version, can kill ticks and several other bugs. It works because of their absorbent properly, attaching to the bugs’ body and drying their oil coating, eventually suffocating them. When buying diatomaceous earth, look specifically for the food-grade products, as other types can be detrimental to humans’ and pets’ health alike when inhaled or through eye contact. It’s widely available and very abundant in nature, as it’s naturally occurring.

When applying diatomaceous earth, prefer using any dust or powder applicator to spread out dust coatings and not waste the product. If spreading by hand, use gloves as diatomaceous earth can dry out the skin and cause some itchiness. Ensure the area is not humid, as diatomaceous earth needs to be completely dry to be effective. If it rains, reapply it.

To get rid of the ticks, apply a coat of dusting of diatomaceous earth around your house, look for spots where they might be entering from and block them off with a dust layer, then use a vacuum with a fine dust filter to clean it up every few days and reapply.