How to Spread Diatomaceous Earth to Kill Ants

Diatomaceous Earth

Ants are considered a pest by many people, as they will invade our homes with incredible numbers and live there for a long time if left unchecked.

A great natural way to deal with them is by using diatomaceous earth, a fine powder made from algae that can kill several bugs by dehydrating them. Just keep in mind that this is a slow method and will only kill ants when directly in contact, unlike baits that they will take inside their nests and spread to other ants until it kills the queen.

To effectively use diatomaceous earth against them, you have to spot the ants and locate their path and nest. Look for lines they are using to walk to their food source, then apply a layer of powder on top of the line to block the way.

After spotting the food source and the nest, block it off as way with a layer of dusting from the diatomaceous earth, making them unable to feed and get out or back to their nest. Another great way is to use a duster when applying to inject it into wall cracks directly.